Minneapolis, MN – NewlyNamed, the leading provider of tech-enabled solutions streamlining the name change process for customers, is excited to announce a strategic investment from MPK Equity Partners. This strategic partnership positions the company for accelerated growth. 

Founded in 2019 by Colie and Andy Christensen, NewlyNamed has grown year-over-year and emerged as the market leader in the legal name change industry. The company’s innovative platform streamlines the traditionally burdensome and complex name change process, making it efficient and enjoyable for its customers. NewlyNamed is a one-stop solution for individuals navigating the name change process across various scenarios, including marriage, divorce, court orders, and more, in all U.S. states. 

While specific details of the investment remain undisclosed, co-founding husband and wife, Andy and Colie, express their enthusiasm for the partnership with MPK. “Andy and I view this partnership with MPK as an enhancement of and catalyst for all we exist to do for our customers at NewlyNamed,” said Colie Christensen, Co-Founder of NewlyNamed. “This partnership with MPK better positions our service offerings and will assist more customers with the headache that can be changing one’s name.”

MPK Equity Partners, known for its strategic investments in high-growth, primarily consumer-facing companies, recognizes the value of the NewlyNamed solution. The partnership aligns with MPK’s founder-focused and partnership-oriented investment approach and understanding of the female-customer. “NewlyNamed is a gift to anyone embarking on their name change journey,” said Caroline Stevens of MPK and NewlyNamed Board Member. “Andy and Colie have created something remarkably efficient, and we are excited to support them and the company’s growth. Changing your name is not only difficult, but it is also personal. Trust is at the core of the NewlyNamed service offering and we are excited to partner with Andy and Colie to continue to provide the highest quality service in the market to its customers.” MPK remains interested in partnering with other female-focused service brands across all life stages – marriage, health & wellness, motherhood, and more.

Regarding Hennepin Partners, Andy and Colie Christensen stated “We chose Hennepin Partners because of their extensive experience in the legal tech sector, along with their proven commitment to serving founders and entrepreneurs. It was evident from the start that the Hennepin team genuinely understood our business and story, which enabled them to craft a compelling narrative to the market while expertly helping us navigate the process and achieve a tremendous outcome. We would highly recommend the Hennepin Partners team to other founders and entrepreneurs in our position.”