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Precision agriculture technology platform that collects and organizes real-time, science-worthy, field-level data.

Transaction Overview

  • Represented Farmobile in its sale to Ag Growth International (“AGI”).
  • Farmobile is a precision agriculture technology platform that collects and organizes real-time, science-worthy, field-level data.
  • Farmobile has created the foundational technology platform for the collection, organization, and distribution of science-worthy agriculture data. It is the only platform built from the ground up with the explicit intention of collecting and exchanging high-integrity, interoperable datasets directly among farmers and various industries participants.
  • The Company’s proprietary technology overcomes a host of connectivity and interoperability challenges that have plagued the market and prevented farmers and other critical players in the industry from making “in-field” and “in-season” data-driven decisions.
  • Farmobile has established itself ahead of other technology players by developing a platform that features:
    • A universal, cellular enabled hardware interface that works across equipment makes and models.
    • Second-by-second data collection, even in unreliable cellular environments.
    • A streaming data-as-a-service platform that decodes and standardizes science-worthy data that can be stored, shared with other software, analyzed, and monetized by both the farmer and Farmobile.
  • AGI provides full product and technology solutions across five platforms: seed, fertilizer, grain, feed, and food.  Its equipment, technologies, and services help with the storage, handling, conveying, processing, and protecting agriculture products around the world.

Key Observations

  • Farmobile offers revolutionary value propositions for a wide assortment of industry players, including the farmer, agronomists, retailers, OEMs, equipment dealers, insurance providers, lenders, and more.
  • By enabling the collection of raw, second-by-second machine and agriculture data at scale – and normalizing its format, regardless of equipment OEM – Farmobile has built the most valuable, science-worthy, foundational agriculture data capability in the world.
  • The Company has differentiated itself in a highly-dynamic market by overcoming critical challenges that most in the industry are only starting to understand.
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