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Boyd Metals

Multi-location, value-added metal service center.

Company Overview

  • Represented Boyd Metals in its sale to Russel Metals
  • Boyd Metals is a full-line, multi-location metal service center that provides metal products and value-added processing services used across multiple end markets and applications
  • Boyd is an integral partner to its long-tenured base of 3,500+ customers, most of which are small-to-medium sized in nature, who value the Company’s differentiated service, flexibility, responsiveness, and reliability

Key Observations

  • Russel Metals, one of the largest metals distribution companies in North America, was seeking to grow its U.S. presence through acquisitions
  • Boyd complemented Russel’s existing platform and aligned with its broader strategic initiative of focusing on higher-margin, value-added processing services

Drivers of Interest

  • Regional market leader through its multi-location footprint and a proven expansion track record
  • Growing portfolio of higher-margin value-added processing services, with recent investments in lasers and other specialty machines, to complement its robust product offering
  • One-stop solution with the ability to deliver a wide range of metal shapes and sizes, including unique, hard to find pieces
  • Differentiated sourcing model driven by quality, long-tenured relationships with steel mills
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