Mandeville, LA – OffenderWatch’s mission is to prevent the unthinkable and protect children across the globe. Since 2000, the company has partnered with law enforcement to closely monitor the population of one million registered U.S. sex offenders. The OffenderWatch cloud-based platform digitally collects and stores system-of-record sex offender information that can be seamlessly shared between various law enforcement agencies. The unified nature of the company’s data set and digital platform enables registrars to effectively manage offenders, empower investigators, and support joint filed operations through national search and collaboration tools. OffenderWatch’s proprietary offering provides users the optimal technology to protect their communities versus meeting minimum statutory requirements.

In addition to its law enforcement-focused products, the company also offers its OffenderWatch mobile app providing parental alerts when registered sex offenders are nearby users’ children or when registered sex offenders contact users’ children via text, email, or telephone calls. The mobile platform harnesses the power of the OffenderWatch network for parents nationally.

“Since our founding, OffenderWatch’s core focus has been to help keep children safe,” said Ben Luzynski, CEO of OffenderWatch. “Our partnership with RF helps strengthen our mission by broadening our footprint and enabling investment in new digital solutions to improve child safety in an increasingly dangerous world.”

OffenderWatch President Mike Cormaci added, “I’m incredibly proud of our mission to make the world a safer place by partnering with law enforcement to leverage our technology. RF’s expertise in scaling software companies will help us expand our impact.”

“I am very humbled to work with a best-in-class management team and help further expand the mission of keeping our communities safe,” said Jacob Gordon, Director at RF. “The RF team is extremely eager to partner with management in a platform where value creation and societal benefit could not be more tightly aligned.”

Regarding Hennepin Partners, Luzynski added “We wanted to work with an advisor that understood and believed in OffenderWatch’s important mission, and Hennepin Partners delivered. The team (Paul Vander Vort, Anders Olson, Zach Creighton and Bob Astrup) did an exceptional job of ensuring our unique story in a rather niche market was told the right way, and they did an even better job helping us find a partner that shared our passion for helping keep children safe. Throughout the entire sale process, Hennepin Partners’ commitment to helping us find the right home never wavered – I would recommend them without hesitation to other founders/entrepreneurs exploring liquidity options.”