Mesquite, TX – Hennepin Partners is pleased to announce it has successfully advised Barr GeoSpatial Solutions (“Barr Geo” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of 24/6 Capital Partners, on its sale to PNC Riverarch, a Pittsburgh-based private equity firm. Hennepin Partners was the lead financial advisor to Barr GeoSpatial.

Barr GeoSpatial Solutions maintains U.S. headquarters in Conroe and Mesquite, Texas, with an additional 25 locations across the U.S. and a Canadian office in Calgary, Alberta. Barr Geo is a leading provider of geospatial services using aerial LiDAR, imaging, surveillance, methane leak detection, and AI technology to map and monitor critical infrastructure and natural resources across North America. Barr Geo flies over 25,000 hours annually, capturing hundreds of thousands of square miles of LiDAR data to craft mission-critical deliverables tailored to a diverse clientele. The Company boasts an impressive track record of gathering data for clients in various sectors, including utilities, energy, infrastructure, forestry, natural resources and government entities at every level. Barr Geo’s technological assets empower clients with precise, real-time information that is critical to the identification and vigilant monitoring of geohazards, erosion, flood zones, vegetation and other environmental shifts, guaranteeing proactive threat detection and incident prevention. Barr Geo not only excels in the provision of geospatial services but does so with a resolute commitment to ESG-driven principles. It has emerged as a trusted partner for geospatial solutions, steadfastly devoted to delivering actionable insights that ensure the safety, security and sustainability of assets and infrastructure. As a visionary geospatial services provider, Barr Geo is dedicated to safeguarding the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Edward Feuerstein, Managing Partner of 24/6 Capital Partners and Chairman and CEO of Barr GeoSpatial Solutions, said, “This represents a pivotal moment in the Company’s history and a great opportunity for our employees. We are thrilled to partner with PNC Riverarch during this next phase to help accelerate our long-term growth plans and find additional ways to serve our clients. The senior leadership, sector knowledge, and process execution of Hennepin Partners enabled us to achieve a great outcome for our employees and shareholders.”